I have been busy lately too much work but yesterday afternoon i went to take a quick ride in my bicycle to the lake. i parked  my car behind the museum of industry and went to take a quick  look to the Osaka Japanese Garden. I had  about a year that i haven’t visit it. it was beautiful and peaceful as usual i spent some minutes there hoping that someone will came in and try to take their picture but nobody show up and i left  without taking pictures as i have taken pictures of the garden so many times i didn’t bother to take some more, so i went towards downtown with my bike.  i made a  stop during my way to downtown, to take a picture of a car that was on fire.






I like the sunlight that the buildings reflect during the afternoon in this spot. i spent some minutes here taking afew pictures but i didn’t like them. i should have waited more time but i just don’t like to spent so much time in a place and pointing the camera at the people.


During my way back i saw this puddle and the sun setting down that i had to make a stop and take some pictures.