A few days ago I just developed 2 rolls of film that I shoot last April in DC. I didn’t like how my crappy scanner scanned them, so today I made some prints at school, well, just two ( of Ai Kawashima ) as I worked on my 8 prints for my photo class due next Thursday, too. They definitively look lot better printed than scanning the negatives with my cheap scanner and also than the scans I got at Walgreen’s of one roll. I need to start printing my negatives instead of scanning them!!
Looking at the pictures it brings me back memories. It really was a nice trip, I meet a nice friend there, who gave me a sightseeing tour and i took some picture with him before the cherry blossom parade. I love the cherry blossoms and as couldn’t go to Japan during the blossom time, I went to DC instead. The Japanese Sakura festival was great too. It was so big with a lot of stages and lots of things happening at the same time. They should have added and extra day, I missed lots of things. Oh well, the good thing is that I didn’t miss the Ai Kawashima performance. I have to confess that I love her catchy pop song and I think I spent half of one roll of film on her. LOL.  She was really nice that I couldn’t help but buying her a CD to get her autographs and take a picture with her. Well, 3 pictures as the girl I asked to take the picture, just keep taking blurring pictures (I forgot to set back the focus to all points). It was so embarrassing asking her so many times. I also met a nice Asian girl/lady. She lost her friends in the crowd and she just had some weeks in the USA.  I barely was able to communicate with her as her English was worse than mine. We walked around for some time and I asked her to take some pictures of her, something that I rarely do. Some of the pictures came out nice…. at the end of the festival she didn’t find her friends and she shyly told me that she didn’t have any money with her to come back to Virginia as her friends had her wallet, i din’t have change so I just give her my almost full transit card and some coins that I had and went to look for a station with her. After she left, I just kept wondering around DC taking pictures. I hope she didn’t have trouble getting back home.
here are some crappy pics from those 2 rolls…