I went last weekend to see Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and i just postprocessed some shots that I took with my phone. they came out really nice,  i’m really sorprised and to think that I’m still thinking to get the iphone again after my first one got stolen.  I really digging the quality of pictures and video of my old nokia N95 and at 5 megapixels the shoots surely print well. It took me awhile to get the right settings for that location but after that most of the shots came out nice. I haven’t used it often to take candid pictures as several times I have been so embarrassed taking that kind of pictures with this phone. I sometimes see someone very interesting and wanna get a picture really quickly but usually that makes me forgot to make phone silent so people don’t hear that horrible loud shutter sound and even set the flash off and in top of that the phone also shows a red light when the shot is taken so I have to cover that light with my finger.  Being in front the subject and with all those things on it is really embarrassing ( well at least for me ) getting caught. So far I have never got any people get mad at me for taking their picture, but it is so embarrassing.

About the concert it was fun but it was not that great, many drunk people where just throwing things to the crowd and ouch! I got hit with a full beer can. The music was great I really love their music especially my favorite song “Matador” too bad that now I don’t listen to that kind of music very often as before and all because of the Japanese, Trance and Gothic metal music.