I went last Sunday to Arlington Heights, I wanted to go somewhere to see the colorful fall leaves before is too late and without thinking too much, I  decided to go there. I love the fall season and I wanted to go south at the Matthiessen State Park/Starved Rock like last year but I didn’t felt like driving the 2 hrs it takes to get there. Besides, it was cloudy and may be rain in the afternoon, so I went to the Busse Woods in A.H., a really nice place, too, with a 11mi bike trail.

I love nature but I usually don’t like to take pictures of it, so I got my camera in hand all the way of the trail and I tried to snap some people while I was riding in my bike. It was not to crowded as usually gets in the summer and many of people were just taking pictures there…. After finish the trail, I went to Mitsuwa (a Japanese marketplace) to eat something at the food court. I love the food there it is cheap and good.  It was so crowded as it usual gets in the weekends. I was lucky that a lovely obachan gave me her place at the checkout. I told her that it was ok, that I can’t wait but she insisted that I should go first coz I just had a few things, those Japanese people always so nice… I always want to bring a camera inside the Mitsuwa but so far I have never dare to do that. I feel so weird even trying to take some pics with my phone. Before going back, I went to the Woodfield mall. I think it is the largest one in the Chicago, so it is so huge!. I took my camera here with me but a security guard saw me the camera in my hand and told me that I can’t use it inside. Well, at least this time they didn’t caught me in the act of taking a picture like a few months ago. I just don’t get what they mean with that of taking pictures it’s against their policy…  when I have seen many people at this season taking their picture there or to ornaments of the holiday season with their point-at-shot, I guess I need to get one of those….