Last month I didn’t have so much time to go properly shooting as in the summer.  School is keeping me so busy that even it is keep me in the library and darkroom the 4 hrs that I have free between classes the Tue and Thursday.  I always try to bring my camera to school (when it fits in my bag) so during my commute I have the chance to take some pictures.  I specially love taking pictures when I’m waiting in the train station and the reflections in the window of the passengers.  i think, they never notice that I’m taking their picture when shooting those reflections.

Here are some pictures that I like and that were taken during last month just mainly from my daily commute to school and from a few small photowalks with some friends.

IMG_5094fIMG_4965 copyI usually don’t like people to take my picture, but oh well, i totally love this one, specially the bokeh… i need to use more my cheap  50mm 1.8…