I just finished processing the pictures that I like during the first 2 days in Japan.  I still have more than 4,000 that I have not uploaded yet in the computer. I think I need to stop taking pictures and start editing…

It was the first time that I travel alone this far so it was a really an awesome experience. It wasn’t difficult to get around the airport and Tokyo as I thought. I easily found my way out and where to change the cash that I brought with me. I first thought it was going to be a problem getting money out of the ATM but the convenient Postal ATM with my paypal debit card without fees worked perfectly and with better exchange rate. I very quickly found my way to go to take the Skyliner to asakusa.  I asked a guy in the platform if I was in the right track to go to Asakusa and he was so nice and talkative that even called my hostel and even get off in Aoto station with me to put me in the express train to Asakusa. That wasn’t necessary but he insisted. The hostel was easy to find. It just took me about a 15 minutes ( usually just 10 minutes ) lucky that I was traveling light and an officer from a police box guide me to the hostel. I was really tired for the flight but I was so exited to go out and look around that I just put my baggage in my room and went to walk around Asakusa.  I got lost for walking and taking pictures of the people and random things like crazy. It took me a while to find my way back to the hostel but I totally enjoyed that walk. I ended up so dead tired that night as it was very late when I get back to the hostel that I wake up late the next day.

I meet some nice guys in my room they give me a lot of tips. I decided to spend the day in Shinjuku to later in the afternoon go the Awa Odori in Kagurazaka. The Shinjuku station had so many exits and so crowded that I was so confused which one to take. Luckily I took the right exit and went to Chou Park as planned.  There I saw other side of Japan I didn’t know. It surprises me to see so many homeless there (well, I got shocked when I went to Ueno Park and saw a lot more there) but what surprise me the most is that they never go asking for money as here. I didn’t dare to take pictures of them I felt kinda bad pointing my camera at them and very disrespectful. So I barely just took a few failed hipshot of homeless. After going to the shrine there I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Towers and take a look of Tokyo from the top and free. There I saw this very cute girl and I went to ask her for some stupid direction questions about how to get to the top. I already knew the way to the observation floor but as I couldn’t take a candid picture of her, I went to talk to her. I started talking with my broken Japanese and then she started talking to me with her perfect English….  she was so nice and even told me what other things to do in Shinjuku etc, etc.  I totally forgot to asker for her picture or rather I just couldn’t do it right a way (I’m so shy). It took me a few seconds after I say bye to her to turn back and ask her if I could take her picture. She kindly told me that it was fine and started smiling at me… I totally love that picture!. I forgot to change the ISO for the inside the building but I was lucky to get one picture almost sharp. My hand may have been shaking back then… lol. As I rarely got blurry shot at 1/100.  That was one of a few times or maybe the second time I have asked someone I don’t know to take their picture… I need to practice… I did several times again in my stay in Japan with mixed responses.  The view of from the observation decks was great, too bad that it was cloudy. After that I just walked around the building district.