After walking around and window shopping without going anywhere, I look at my map which I barely did to find my way to the Southern Terrace and then to Kabukicho. It was Friday night so I guess it was the best time to be in Kabukicho (the so-called red light district) it didn’t seem to me a dangerous area at all, as many people say. I guess that for Japanese standards that’s dangerous.  I felt pretty safe wandering around for the streets the 2 nights I went there. Well, I just got some annoying black guys trying to lure me to go their bars and some guys asking me if I wanted to do it, of course I said NO!.   I totally love Kabukicho from the neon lights to the pretty girls, I feel sorry for the girls that are in the prostitution business, thought. I didn’t wanna leave kabukicho to go to the Awa Odori, besides it was already started but at the end I decided to leave. I was able to find the metro station and I quickly get to Iidabashi Sta. I was so confuse when I was looking at the map in the train station to take the right way to walk to Kagurazaka. A tourist from Texas stopped by to see the map, too, and I ask her if she was going to the festival. And yeah, she was, so we headed together to the festival. We luckily took the right direction. It was her first time and 3rd day in Tokyo too and she just came from Shinjuku, also she was traveling alone just like me. After getting in the festival I totally regretted not being there early, everything was awesome. I wanted to go back the next day but the fireworks didn’t let me, which were great, too.  I lost the girl after walking for some time with her in the festival I was just keep taking pictures of the people, it was crowded. I didn’t get to see her again and I not even took her picture (she was really pretty) but I kinda enjoyed more the festival after I lost her as I moved more freely in the festival and I was able to take a lot more pictures.  I guess she was right at contradicting me when I was telling her that how I wished I had traveled with friends. After the first days in Japan, I changed my mind. Now, I really think it is better traveling alone, (unless if one is going to parties or doing stuff like that, it maybe more fun with somebody else) as I decided when and where to go, take care myself of the time, budget, plans, laundry etc. it makes you more responsible. I don’t think I’ll have been able to explore Tokyo the way I did if I have come with friends,   Anyway at the end, I think, you are never alone, as you’ll end up meeting more people when traveling by yourself. I met a lot of nice people at the hostel, trains, streets, etc….  even when I’m shy talking to people. I’m very surprised of myself; I just wish I had stayed more than 2 weeks….


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