After struggling at school making the prints I need for my project, I went to take some pictures last Halloween in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, etc… I went with a friend (Dirk) ,  I let use my camera so part of those pictures are from him, too…  I think, he doesn’t like to shoot people so he was trying to shoot what I would. Well, not so difficult; Asian people, legs, girls…..  It surprised me that he got many shots that I would take without telling him to take that picture…  Even some that I wouldn’t dare, he is braver than I…

I wish I have the 85mm 1.2 as I have to use 3200 iso for most of the pictures… I used Noise Ninja to remove the noise and it made them look a bit better…  oh, well, it was so much fun that I was going to miss the last train….

IMG_0479 copy

IMG_5782 copy

IMG_0156 copy

IMG_5941 copy