After getting out of Yodobashi Camera, I hurry up to go back to Asakusa for the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival.. I went back to the hostel to pick an extra battery that I left charging and I took a quick shower, too.  I was sweating a lot; the weather was so hot and humid. There were going to have a sushi party at the hostel but I decided to leave and take a walk around the tourist area instead. The area of the Senso-ji shrine was already packed with people. I spend some time wondering around here and then went to towards the Sumida Park along the Sumida River.  It was already crowded inside the park, too. Every body had their spot taken to watch the fireworks….  I saw some food stalls and went to grab something to eat…  that thing was really good that went to buy another one… I should have asked the guy what was that called but I didn’t, it was really “oishii”.

As I was walking all day in Ueno and Akihabara and from yesterday, too,  I was so dead tired. The weather really exhausted me a lot (as most of the days).  I don’t think I have ever walked so much before in this kind of weather. I felt Tokyo hotter and a lot more humid compared to Chicago. I ended up sweating so much every day even when it was cloudy. I didn’t think the weather was really this bad. A friend told me about it and even advised me that I should prepare physically for those conditions if I planned to walk a lot. I’m not a very physically active, so walking all day was totally not my thing….  oh well, July and August are definitively not the months to visit Tokyo. The humidity is very very uncomfortable most of the days I ended up getting lots of drinks. One day I even felt so dizzy that I was forced to get in the shade for a while and get some water. Luckily that Japan has a lot of vending machines everywhere. I think I read somewhere that it has more than 5.5 million vending machines, almost a machine for 23 persons. I don’t know what would have happened with me without them. The advertisement paper fans were really helpful for the heat, too. Now I see why there are so popular.