As I didn’t felt like walking anymore, I just kept walking up trough the main street ( Edo-dori )  trying to find a good spot with good light to take some pictures and to  watch the fireworks. Unfortunately, it was not easy to find a good one not even one to just sit down.  I ended up walking so much in vain that my feet started to hurt but I had to kept  walking as there was not way to sit down in the main street. Half of the street was already full of people sitting down in their spot to view the fireworks  and in the other half was designed for the people to walk .  The sidewalks had their own one way direction, too and I was not supposed to stay and sit there to watch the fireworks. The police also suddenly started to build quickly an enclosure in the main viewing areas of the Sumida Park blocking the access for new spectators to get in…. Unfortunately I didn’t get in there…  that maybe was the best place to view the fireworks. There was about a million spectators and great number of police. I was really impressed by the organization and the directing of the pedestrian traffic that the police did.


As the fireworks were about a competition between rival firework companies, there were 2 places along the Sumida Park where the fireworks were shot.  After the companies launched a test, maybe to prepare the people to get a good spot, I finally found an almost empty place… no wonder was empty, It was a bad spot to view the fireworks as big trees were blocking mostly the fireworks that were not to high. Trees and buildings were pretty much along the street so it was kinda of the same view in that street anyway… so it wasn’t that bad at all, as I was able to the other fireworks at a far, too. I decided to stay there and take a break. The spot was really nice to snap some people’s pictures as there was some decent light there. Also as a store was behind me, people were passing by in front of the fireworks that were farther and I was able to just pretend taking a picture of the fireworks when in reality I was taking their picture… so it was a great spot. The fireworks were really awesome. I would say the best fireworks I have seen in my life. They lasted about 1 hr 30 min, that’s really long compared with the fireworks of Chicago that I saw the last 3rd of July. It was also nice to see that many people were dressed up in their colorful Yukatas, too.


I saw the people more friendly here; maybe it was the atmosphere of the festival, in contras with earlier in Akihabara that some of them were not too happy with me taking their picture. here some of them posed, smiled or asked me to take their picture, too…. like a nice guy ( kinda drunk ) asked me to take his picture ( with the typical v-sign ) and started to practice his English with me.. May be he just wanted to impress their friends that were there, they were really nice too..


It was about an hour that the fireworks ended and still many people were heading down to the station. I decided to go too, but I later realized that it was not a good idea to follow them.  I barely took a few shots there as got stuck in the crowd and I was getting carried away by the sea of people to the subway station. It was pretty much impossible to go against the crowd at the station.  All the people were trying to get in the estation except me… so I asked to a police that I wanted to get out there that I didn’t meant to take the train station, jeje.  He nicely guide me and open the way to a path to get out of there without a problem.. uff..  I can’t imagine how those trains were packed of people and how crazy was just at the end of the fireworks…. I kinda regret not having gone to the train platform… I may have gotten some nice pictures of those trains jam-packed… 🙁


As I just walked down the Asakusa station, I saw a Japanese guy up in a fence taking some pictures of the crowd crossing, in the opposite side of the street. He was using a flash with a kind of long lens, I guess that’s why he needed the flash. I stayed there for a while by the traffic light in the opposite side sitting in the metal barrier (I was still so tired ) just watching people passing by and taking pictures of some of them, too. The light was not that bad either.  After a while I crossed the other side and I went to say hi to the guy who still was taking pictures there, he didn’t speak English at all… and my Japanese is not that great so I just had a very small conversation….  several people smile at me or us as it was pretty obvious that we were taking their picture…  like this couple that after the guy caught me taking a picture of her they give me an smile and the typical v-sign that the Japanese do when being photographed. I don’t know why most of them always pose with this sign… After staying around just people watching, I went back to the hostel. It was already past midnight and still there was a lot activity outside.  I didn’t want to go but I had to take some rest and a shower, I needed one so badly again. This was really a long day and one of the days that I took tons of pictures more than 2,000, that’s crazy… I can’t imagine how many shots I would have taken if I weren’t too shy…. 🙂