I went shooting in Pilsen last Friday with a Flickr friend that came from LA. It was nice meeting him… too bad that the weather wasn’t good and there weren’t many people in the streets…

I think we have very different styles as I not often go straight to the person and snap the picture. I always try to do it stealthy, also I felt weird taking pictures of the paisas in the neighborhood, I just don’t find too interesting taking pictures of men.  I most of the time skip them, lol. it was the first time that I went shooting there or the second one if I count the pictures I took of the marathon there. I always prefer crowded areas as it is easier for me… I barely get  2-3 shot that I like… oh well, I was so jealous of his shots. I think, I need to stop taking pictures of mainly girls and Asian people and try to shot more openly….