I had been so busy the last couple of weeks mainly because of finals and a lot of work. I have more than 3 weeks that I haven’t taken my camera out (anyway, it is too cold outside). I still have tons of pictures from 4 weeks ago like  those that I took in the Lights Festival. That day I was supposed to take photos for my project of my film class in train stations but after dropping a roll of film at the local drugstore and walking around waiting for my negatives to be ready I came across the festival. They usually take 15 minutes but this time they told me to go back an hr later. so I took some pictures and then went back for the negatives to make some prints at the lab school, after making some prints ( well, I barely finished one,  it takes too much time to get the right colors) of the roll I just developed, I went directly to the parade that was starting up. At the end and don’t even took a shot with my film camera for my final photography project. I had more than 3 weeks to do it but that roll I developed that day was the only one I shot and got printed from there half of prints that I was supposed to turn in. I just liked a few pictures of them. I should have shooted more rolls but then I didn’t have time to shoot and print because of finals and work. Oh, those prints  that I did are all gone now, as in the last days of class I did something very stupid. I forgot my notebook, as I was in a hurry to meet someone down the building, I close my locker without notice that I left that notebook in the floor. I just then realized that after getting back home. So I lost the final prints that I did for this project and some negative rolls that had done during the semester.  The good thing is that it was not my camera as I had forgotten like 3 times now. I have been lucky that I have always found it where I left it. One of those days I’ll ended up with camera too. I always use a hand strap, so I get easily distracted when doing other things that requires my 2 or my right hand. Anyway, I love the hand strap because I always have the camera ready to take sneaky picture.

IMG_9926 copy

I came last year to the festival, too, but I didn’t take many pictures as the light was not great but now that I upgrade my camera and with the iso 3200 really helps a lot to get at least some shots where the light is not good.. Besides, of the light there were so many people outside in the sidewalk that was impossible to walk. So, I was stuck in the crowd for a lot of time without being able to move not even take pictures that I went inside to the Victoria Secret store that was at front and take pictures from there…. I really liked those pictures that I took from here as I was able to capture some reflections of the people that were inside the store along with the sexy lingerie and the crowd stuck outside, making some crazy reflections…

This year as usual, too, I didn’t come to the festival to take pictures of the parade.  I was more interested on capturing people expressions watching the parade, etc. so I just keep walking a long the parade. I tried to take some reflections again from inside of a store when I got stuck again but the location was not the same. I just took a few shots and give up. I should have gone to Victoria secret again. 🙂

IMG_9626 copy

I think this time I took more nice pictures compared to last year and also was the first time that I made upset a man because I took a picture of his wife. She was taking pictures of their children and as I like pictures of people taking pictures just went straight to her and snap the picture… I don’t think she noticed me taking her picture but I guess her husband did….  after I took the picture I stayed there waiting for my next victim… and then after a about a minute I took that shoot, I saw this man calling me.. And asking me “Do you took a picture of my wife!” I didn’t know what he was talking about as the last shoot I took was about a minute ago… so I quickly replied, No?… I though of asking, who is your wife,  so I can delete the picture if I took it,  but quickly he just  then said kind of angrily “You better deleted it if you did!” and he walked away. I then realized that was the woman with their children, she didn’t seem mad, though, but oh well…. this is the first I have this kind of problem…. or the second time, but the other time I was with another person and both were taking pictures of a girl that actually she kind of give us permission as she give us an smile like saying ok, but then the guy suddenly came out of nowhere so upset of why we are pictures of his girl.  he bravely told him, that we where in the street and he can take any pictures of whatever we want, etc and that he should leave her at home if he doesn’t want people take picture of her or even looking at her…. I’m not that brave to say something like that…..

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Something ironic happened to me earlier when I was in the parade that make realized that I’m just kinda like those people that don’t like the picture taken… as I was taking pictures, there was this drunk girl with her friend that I first thought she asked me to take their picture, and I said, yeah sure, why not… I always like when people ask me to take their picture…  but after I said yeah, she then started to hug me and telling to her friend to take the picture…. her friend was with a what? Face, just like me… and ask her with what camera? you don’t even have one…  she then told her, with mine… I was like what?? I started to get embarrassed as people were watching us too. I then just apologize to her and told her that I don’t like being on the pictures, that I though she wanted me to take their picture… blah, blah… his friend (who was not that drunk) then started apologize and pulling her away… she was pretty, though.  I should have taken a picture with her… 🙂 but, oh well; I really don’t like being photographed…. I’m not that good-looking to see me in pictures…

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