I spent  a few days in Jacksonville but I just mainly went shooting the 31th.  There was going to be some events in the downtown area in the afternoon so went to take some pictures there. I went very late that I miss the 5k run, but I did get on time to see the Gator Bowl Parade. It was too boring and it wasn’t too crowded. Well, actually most of the people were by the Landing (a shopping and dining area) but for some reason I started not feeling confident taking pictures in the crowd. I was thinking too much on being noticed and how the people may react…. so I just went to a less crowed area and try to take at least some pictures of the parade. There are times that I feel confident and I would just go and snap a picture almost in front of the person without thinking too much and the person would rarely be aware of me or even care about it. But other times I just start thinking too much if they are aware of me and how they may react if they caught me taking their picture. I usually always ended-up without taking the picture and not even a hip-shot…


oh, how I would like to be so confident to shoot people  like Bruce Gilden…

mmm… I don’t think I would ever dare to shoot like him… 🙂

There were a lot of people from West Virginia supporting their team as they came for the  Gator Bowl game (an annual college football game) against the Florida State that was going to happen the next day… Also it was weird to see Hispanic people in downtown; I guess it is that to expect as the Hispanic population in Jacksonville it is about 4 % in contrast with the 66 % in Miami.  The people were really nice with me and maybe that help me later on to be more confident on taking some pictures there.


I was also lucky to get a nice picture of a Latina. I actually was focusing on her friend but after I saw that she caught me and was smiling at me, I quickly change the focus to her and take the picture. After I took the shoot, I just gave her back the smile along with a thanks gesture, which it is what I usually do when they react in a friendly way like she did. Other times when I can’t really tell or when they don’t seem too happy I would just walk away without making eye contact like if it wasn’t a big deal or fake shooting something else. I’m trying to change that and give them a smile but sometimes it is not that easy… She then came to me very excited asking me in Spanish to show her the picture… I was glad when she told me that liked it…. I think that is one of favorite picture from that day…. oh well, they were very nice….

IMG_1992 copy


IMG_1956 copy