The fireworks were great. But I miss a lot of them as the police rushed to move the people out of the bridge just when the fireworks were shot. I had meet earlier a girl who told me about some pictures she took last year of the fireworks from the Southbank of the river with the bridge span raised and the light of the bridge turned off… but as I walked over the bridge to go the other side of the river I saw a bunch of people on the bridge so I decided stayed there and try to use the bridge fence as a tripod.  I didn’t think there were going move all the people out of the bridge and rise the span with all those people within a few minutes to the fireworks to start just as the girl said to me…  But they did…:( … most of the people on the bridge were by the north side of the river, but as I wanted to take some pic with the skyline I hurried to get to the south side before they rose the bridge. At least I was able to get a few decent shots of the fireworks from the 2 launch sites.



After the fireworks I just went back again to the Landing. The music was great so I stayed there till the end. I was very surprised to found out that I had my car locked up at the parking garage. I should have parked it on the street lots that actually was cheaper but I didn’t… it was kinda hard to get a taxi with all the people trying to get home not only from the Landing but from also from the nearby clubs.   I went back home almost at 4am and without a car I wasn’t able to go the beach to watch the first sunrise… I really wanted to do that but, oh well, at least I had some fun at New Years Eve and met some nice people…