It seems that it will take me along time to put all the pictures that I like from my Japan trip. I’m too busy and lazy to edit pictures. At this rate, I may finish with all this when I go back to Japan which hopefully if things go well, I’ll be there next August. I can’t wait to go back….  I would have liked to go this spring as I would like to see the cherry blossoms and also because I didn’t like the hot weather I had in July.  I can’t imagine how bad it will be in August. Unfortunately school gets in the way and I don’t wanna make a trip that far for a short time and not even now that I would like to get the Japan Rail Pass and get out of Tokyo.  Anyway, I don’t think I will have been able to save enough money for at least a 3 weeks trip by that time.  …. I think I’m lucky that the  school’s summer semester ends with great timing, just in time to be able to go to the big Awa Odori Festival in Tokushima, and not only that but also the Koenji Awa Odori Festival and the Asakusa samba festival in Tokyo. It’s going to be awesome!! I need to start saving now!….


About my 4 day in Tokyo it was great as all days I spent there.  I started with Yoyogi and got lost right away after getting out of the station in my way to Meiji Shrine. After awhile of just walking and not seeing Yoyogi park, I decided to ask someone if I was at the right direction to Meiji Jingu Shrine.  I should have asked that earlier or have looked carefully those maps they had outside the station but I didn’t. So a guy told me I was in the wrong way and walk me towards Yoyogi Park. While walking, he was talking me about things he liked about Mexico and that he would like to go one day. I was very glad to hear this Japanese guy talking with great enthusiasm about my country.  I’ve always thought most of them barely know where Mexico is located.  I don’t think there are many Mexicans in Japan as I barely saw a few Hispanic people, but somehow I think there is a small presence of Mexico. There are some Mexican festivals  in Japan. Like the Fiesta Mexicana in Odaiba, I think the festival has been since 2000 and last year commemorated their 400 years of Friendship between the two countries.  There is  a monument about this at Onjuku, Chiba which it is where the first encounter with the Mexicans occurred 400 years ago.

It doesn’t seem to be many Mexicans at the festival on the videos and pictures I have seen but it makes me want to be there….

While I was there I bumped into 2 Mexican restaurants but they seem to be run by Japanese people, I was expecting to see more, :(…. Also in a shop in Kichijoji and Harajuko I was surprised to see some shirts with cool designs about Mexico and  I love Mexico shirts, I liked them all but unfortunately I just bought one.  I also saw a guy wearing a shirt with a nice design of the virgin de Guadalupe, typically Mexican.  Oh, one thing that amazed me some years ago was to find out that Lowriding (which it is a big staple of Chicano culture – Mexicans born and raised in the U.S.) it is very popular in Japan and held many lowrider show throughout the year, and have their own magazine.  I have even seen pictures of Japanese dressed in chicano style along with the Mexican flags in their lowriders, very interesting.  So that may be the reason of Japanese clothing brands like la firmeza selling the stuff of Chicano style.  And because of Chicano rap is kind of attached to all this stuff many of those artists go to Japan, too.  There are also many Japanese artists that are influenced by Chicano style, just check this video;

I like this song but just because of Aria
Oh, I have say that I don’t like any kind of rap stuff. But I do love Chicano Art and actually Lowrider or car airbrushing stuff it is something I would like to do in the future and who knows , I may do that one day in the land of the rising sun….. 🙂

oh, this commercial is so funny….

So after a nonsense of Mexican stuff in Japan..…  I was hoping to see a Shinto wedding ceremony at Meiji Jingu Shrine but I wasn’t that lucky. I should have spent more time there but there were lots of places I wanted to visit that day. So I walked to Harajuku which it is close from the shrine. I was expecting to see a lot of cosplay at the Jingu bridge because it was Sunday at noon, but not all, all that I found was a couple of wapanese hanging out there. I must have went at the wrong time as there typically is full of young people showing off their cloths.


There were some cool small shops at Takeshita Street (a street closed to traffic lined with fashion shops, restaurants etc ) with more affordable and cool fashion stuff than the nearby high fashion shops on  Omotesando. One of the things that I like of Harajuku is of course, the fashion of the people hanging out there. They are very creative creating their own cloths or mixing and matching of colors in a weird but cool way. There are so many different weird styles mixed here in Harajuku  like Gothic Lolita, cosplay, Visual kei , kawaii , punk , and many others, but all of them are based on “do-it-yourself” creating their own look so it is more unique.  For instance the fashion in Shibuya looks more stylish ,more normal i guess, but of course the fashion is a lot better in Japan…. Mmm… but there are some freaking  styles in Shibuya too like the Ganguro or the extreme version Yamanba, I  don’t know why they put such a super dark fake tan makeup, i think they look ugly ( just Google it ) but they look kinda cool though.  I was lucky to see some yamanba girls in Shibuya but i didn’t dare the shoot them. I also missed some nice pictures in Harajuku, I’m not so brave to just go straight and snap the picture… for example, there was  a girl with a very nice outfit that I really liked it.  I wanted to take a frontal shot of her but going up straight to her and snap the picture was out of the way, I didn’t feel like doing that then.  So I just pretended like I was shooting the building behind her and spent a while like crazy with my camera looking at the viewfinder waiting for her to turn around and snap the picture, but she didn’t,  she was very into talking with her friend.  I didn’t want to interrupt her chat and ask her for a pic, so I gave up.  I wanted to get to Shibuya by foot then, so the time I spent in HarajukuOmotesando was kinda short but as I loved the place I came back another day…