It was really awesome standing at the Shibuya crossing while watching thousands of people passing by. I think I wouldn’t have taken many pictures here if I haven’t been with the guy I just met. Somehow I felt more comfortable with the camera to just stand at the crossing while tons of people were coming.




There were many motorcycles and bikes passing by that I tried to do some panning shoots…  I never tried that before so it took me a while to start getting some nice pictures… at the end, I think I got some nice ones…



It was very late when I decided to go back to the hostel… but as I came walking all the way from Yoyogi, I didn’t know where the subway station of the Ginza line was, I didn’t notice any sign to the Ginza line during the time i was walking there, so I went to look for a gate that I thought I saw when I was walking down to Shibuya…  It was bit far and I was getting worried about missing the last train or getting lost so I turn back and asked a guy for directions to the Ginza line…  He was trying so hard to speak in English but I couldn’t understand a word of he was saying… and as my Japanese is not that good, too, it was difficult to understand the directions, so he had to walk me to the station… 🙂  I never thought that the Ginza line had a platform on the third floor of the Shibuya station.  I though all of them were underground… I don’t think I would have ever found it by myself and actually it was very close of where I was shooting all the time and just around of where I left the guy I just met as he took the JR line. Oh, well. I was lucky to catch a train…