I just recently had my spring break and as I didn’t go anywhere, I spent some of my free time making some shirts for me. I also found  some nice websites with great quality pictures of (Asian) models that I think I’m going start doing some artworks like some of my fav artist like Luis Royo, Sorayama, etc. I really need to get more creative with my art and spend more time on it.  I think I‘m spending so much time in photography..… well, I created quite a few shirt designs that I haven’t finished all yet but I will as I like most of them… I’m starting to like those shirts made with stencils and getting bored of my free hand airbrush shirts where I just focus on creating a realistic portrait…

Most of the shirts that I do for myself are mainly artist that I admire or simply because I like the picture so it doesn’t mean that I’m a very big fan of those. well, here some that i just did….


I don’t remember who she is.  I grabbed  her picture long ago, as far as I remember she is an actress from a 30s early sound film of Mikio Naruse… i like this one the most….


Izumi Sakai ( Zard ) I would say that she is one of my favorite JPop artist since I began listening Japanese music. Unfortunately she died in 2007 but I still pretty much listen to the her music all the time.


Setsuko Hara – she is a great actress from the golden age of Japanese cinema,  so far I like lot the movies I have seen of her specially Late Spring, Repast, Early Summer and Tokyo Story ( Ozu’s Masterpiece )


Hideko Takamine – I recently watched her movie Floating Clouds by Mikio Naruse. It was a good movie but not as well as her 1954  film  Twenty-Four Eyes. so it made me make a shirt of this movie that i like a lot.  I think the Seigaiha pattern look nice here…


This from a very old picture of a geisha I got off the internet. : ) Is taking me forever to make a stencil of the Aztec calendar…

Ayumi Hamasaki – another jpop artist that I like. : )



Nagasawa Masami – the pic is from the poster of  the Jdrama Sailor Fuku to Kikanju ( Sailor Suit and Machine Gun ) I haven’t seen it and I’m not too interested on see it. I just like the pose and also the theme song from the 1981 movie of Hiroko Yakushimaru. Anyway, Masami is good actress, too and I have seen quite afew JDramas of her like Proposal Daisakusen, Dragon Zakura, Last friends and the movie Nada So So.


Tarja Turunen – I like a lot kinds of music, so I’m not only just listening Japanese music. She is a Finnish singer who was lead vocalist of the symphonic power metal band Nightwish. I like more the stuff she did with Nightwish but her solo albums are not bad at all…

Here is kinda the process that i do for making the shirts. They are very easy to create as I use Photoshop along with a good picture. I first desaturate the image and use the curves adjustment to exaggerate the contrast and get those 3 tones… I smooth the edges and flat the shapes, a Wacom Tablet makes it easier, but I wish I have one of those fancy Cintiq pen display. After this I transfer the image to illustrator and convert it to vectors and cut the vectors with a vinyl cutter.


I use drawing paper instead of vinyl, so it is very cheap to create those stencils and they last a lot as some I have used more than 20 times.
I  spray adhesive to the paper so it can stay on the shirt without moving and then spray the paint with an airbrush….




Seigaiha pattern