We had some windy and warmer days last week.  I was lucky to bring my camera one of those days and take some pictures during my commute.  I love how some pictures came out especially this one.


I was pointing at her when suddenly a strong wind blew and wow, I totally love her reaction.


After leaving a friend at Union Station,  i decided to  stay a little bit there by the station and take some picture of the commuters from the side of the bridge. After taking the previous picture of the girl i wanted to take some more with the hair blowing but I think it was not a good spot. it was better on the middle of the bridge but I wasn’t brave enough to stand there alone with my camera being against all the commuters trying to get to the station during rush hour, it’s scary.




After a while i decided to cross the bridge and try to stay on the middle, but  It was pretty hard for me to stand there alone raising the camera and pressing the shutter with alot of people coming. After a few failing shots, I gave up and went to get my train back home.  I  would have like to have spent more time taking pictures that day but I had tons of things to do…IMG_0781It is embarrassing when people caught me… 🙂