My spring semester just finished last week but I’m going back to school again on Monday. 🙁  I’m taking design classes so hopefully they won’t keep me busy in the summer. Last semester was really hard, I had so much writing and reading to do every week as I took Public Relations Writing, History of Journalism, Photography in Chicago, Japanese III and 2D Design. The photography in Chicago was great going to galleries but reading chapters and writing papers every week wasn’t fun at all, especially when I’m so bad at writing.  At first I felt like I just wasted my time and money with few of those classes as they actually don’t have nothing to do with my major ( Graphic Design)  and I don’t even need to take them. But at the end I enjoyed more those curses than my 2D design class. I’m a junior right now and after I took a photography class 2 years ago, I started to have second thoughts on getting into photojournalism – photography (sometimes even fashion design, too) but this semester I decided to stick with Graphic Design. I think that’s what I really love and I may soon fed up of taking pictures. Anyway, I think I just don’t have the personality to be a photojournalist or photographer.  ( I’m still very shy )

Here are some pictures that I took one day about 2 months ago on my big lunch break that I used to have on my last semester……


I like this one a lot… every time I walk to those train underpasses I can’t stop taking pictures of silhouettes. I spent some time waiting for someone to come. After I saw him getting near, I went to take my position… I was like stupid with my camera in the viewfinder waiting for him to pass… but he was standing behind me waiting for me to finish taking the picture… I told him I wasn’t taking any pictures, I was getting ready to take his picture… so he then just walked slowly….




Later on my way back on the train, I got a seat in front of this beautiful girl who was reading a book with a very short mini skirt lying down on 4 seats. She was like posing for me, I wish I have had a wide lens at that time.… 🙁
Almost getting to my stop she left people set on the seats and I manage to take some pictures of her face on the reflection. I actually tried to take some picture of her face without looking at the viewfinder as I didn’t dare to raise my camera but I failed so I had to fake taking pictures of the skyline while I was taking pictures of her reflection.