Back to some Tokyo pictures….  I don’t think I would ever finish with this…   I still  have tons of pictures that I have taken during my commute from the last  2 months…  but I’m too busy to see or process those pictures… so after no posting anything for weeks here are some old pics of Tokyo that I processed long ago. Oh well, I can’t choose the best ones because I like all of them, even the crappy ones. They are some in my way to the station in Asakusa and from Nihonbashi, Ginza and Yurakucho.

I like Yurakucho a lot, I didn’t know it was such a photogenic place with its old and modern scenes. Afterwards, I went to Roppongi Hills but then I felt like I gotta see Yurakucho at night so I came back later in the evening.  As was too exhausted and also at that time I didn’t know how to set the camera with 3200 ISO so I didn’t feel too much like taking blurry pictures at night, but it is was great walking in there especially in the passageways under the train tracks with its Izakaya, Yakitori Restaurants and the modern Tokyo International Forum … well, I think it would take me some time to post the rest of those pictures… 🙂