I’m not a soccer fan, but as I guess most people I just like watching the World Cup. I didn’t want to miss the game between Mexico vs South Africa for the parade of the Blackhawks that were celebrating their victory that morning, but after watching the game at home for less than half hour, I grabbed my camera and went to the parade.  When I get to Daley plaza I was surprised to see a bunch of Mexicans watching the game in a big screen. Had I know that, I may have gone there early 🙁 well, I watched the rest of game and then went to the parade which was happening just right there…


It was very crowded, according to the city 2 million people turned out. I didn’t feel like keep walking and taking some more pictures after end, anyway i took more than a thousand. I think I got tired coz of the heat, so I stayed for awhile with a friend who works just around there. When heading home, it surprised me to see how the city cleaned up the mess of tons of garbage and confetti that were in the streets, I had never seen such a mess…






I like a lot the pictures I took of those lovely girls. They were pretty excited taking pictures of each other as the rally was concluding with some fireworks. I saw the pictures very funny so after they calm down, I went to show them… I was glad that they like them too.


Also, later in the week while walking I bump with the Stanley Cup. It was nice to look it up close…