I had some work and homework to do over the last weekend but with such nice days I grabbed my camera  and laptop and went to take a walk in the lakefront  and do there what I was going to do at home…


I like a lot Montrose Harbor, I think it is my favorite spots to see the city or just relax, I think I could sit there for hours!. It is not too packed with people besides here the people is more diverse than the yuppies of North Ave beach.  Another thing that I like here,  is that there is still tons of FREE parking and just sometimes  on weekends can be a bit hard to find a spot and a nightmare on holidays. Unfortunately  I think they plan to install parking meters here too as they have started doing on other beaches and parks along the lakefront since last fall…. 🙁


One of the things that I’m missing so far this summer is ridding my bike in the lakefront… Too bad that I got it stolen recently and I don’t think I can afford to buy another one right now, unless i get a crappy one…  I still gotta save enough for my trip in August. it is so near and I’m so excited but I’m still so annoyed for my bike thought. I can’t believe they just take it in an instant when it took me weeks of working to get it. That really sucks… well, here are some crappy photos I took last weekend……