We are having a lot of storms during the last few weeks… but only last Wednesday after school, I had my camera in my bag just when the storm was getting near so I decided to wait for it… I didn’t know that it was going to be that bad, so I wasn’t prepared at all.  All I got was my trusty little umbrella that I always put on my bag when it looks like it is going to rain. My memory card was almost full too so I had to be deleting bad pictures from the camera to make free some space…


The storm was really awesome. I was missing taking pictures in a storm like this since last summer. I ended up all wet from top to bottom but that it is always so much fun in a hot summer day. I got my bag  all wet too but I didn’t have books or notebooks on it as I don’t need any of those for my class of that day.  My camera didn’t get too wet as other times as I always kept it at the top of the umbrella when I wasn’t taking a picture. But as it was windy, I always got some water drops on the lens when taking a picture. It was very annoying looking for a shelter to wipe the lens as I can’t do that with one hand, and then after a while it was impossible to dry it with my entire wet shirt.


I went home just after the heavy rain stopped. Usually takes me about 40 minutes to get home from school but this time it took almost 3 hours!! I think they said there was just one train running back and forth in the pink line as trains couldn’t pass through Pulaski station. So I waited like 30 minutes to get in a train packed with people. I always drive to a farther station from home to avoid taking the Pulaski station and nearer stations for security reasons. That would usually takes me 15 minutes, but now it took me more than an hour and a half.


The storm was a lot worst in my neighborhood and other areas than in downtown as winds downed lots of trees and limbs blocking the streets. Roads and the 2 expressways shut down because of the flooding. Lots of power outages, including me with almost a day without electricity. Oh well, the storm was really bad.