I went to the Japan Festival in Arlington Heights last week. I’ve been going to this festival for the last three years and it is always very nice with lots of things but I always ended up not quite happy with the pictures I took there…  I wanted to go again on Sunday too as I just went for a while on Saturday. I think the program was better on Sunday but I didn’t wanna miss the game Mexico vs Argentina not even for the pride that was last Sunday too.

Anyway, next month there is another Japanese festival in the Mitsuwa Marketplace just about 2 blocks away from this one… I love the one in Mitsuwa more, the Bon Odori (Bon Dance) really makes the festival more interesting!! It is always nice to watch the people wearing their yukata and dancing around the stage. I missed it last year because I was in Japan but I won’t this time as I even delayed my trip to Japan for mid August just to go to this and the Korean Festival…  🙂