My summer classes ended up last week. They were very easy with almost not homework at all so I always had a lot of free time to go shooting after class and weekends that now I have huge amount of pictures to sort out.  I’m kinda losing interest on wasting  time sorting out, processing and posting tons of crappy pictures so I may just start to choose just  a few best ones to post….  For now,  here are some that I processed some time ago of the rest of my 5th day in Tokyo…  I just have 9 days left so I’m almost done. lol…


Briefly, those are from Roppongi where btw I kinda got lost in my way to Roppongi Hills as I walked for about 20-30 minutes in the opposite way. I didn’t spent too much time here as then started raining with not too much too see in the streets. It was still to early and didn’t want to wait there till night to take some silhouettes photos at the TV Asahi wall, so I decided to come back at night another day and went back to Ginza-Yurakucho where looked so much better under the rain…







There was also a Mika Nakashima concert of her Trust Our Voice tour at the International Forum that day. I was contemplating in attending since I was in the States, OK maybe that was the reason I came back here… at least to take a picture of the announcement. lol. I really regret not going as I watched the DVD she released of that day’s performance and it was really great!! But, oh well tickets were too expensive for me.

This place was really cool. I really enjoyed taking pictures in the forum’s lighted floor.