I’m trying something different than just what I usually do with my artwork, so I’m experimenting with some stuff.  I feel like all my artwork is very boring by doing the same realistic portraits or plain stencils…
There are many artist that I like and have such a unique style like C215 and el Mac


el Mac

Makes me think that I need to start experimenting other stuff and developing my own style,  so I can make my work more recognizable as my own and more unique,. I know this takes time so I’m just starting with some small changes… well, I didn’t do too much here besides changing the colors. But it is something knew for me… I was thinking on doing something messy on top of her kinda like stealing some ideas from Hush


but I didn’t dare to mess with her face, lol. Damn!  I need to change that thought….  I’ll definitively try to mess with it next time…

The girl  is the Taiwanese model and actress, Lin Chi-ling

Another thing that I need to do is also start using my own photos as reference.  I think that will definitively help me create something more of my own, besides I’ve tons of pics of my fav subject so i don’t have excuses… 🙂