I have been busy lately with school and work as I’m in finals and this time is usually when I have a lot of orders of shirts to paint… I was lucky that last weekend was thanksgiving break so I spent it mostly working and doing homework.  Otherwise, I would be so overloaded right now as I always take my time when doing customers orders and I usually let them pile up with some taking me more than a week to ship ( the good thing is that people never complain about that after they get the shirt, 🙂 ).  I have this bad habit  of doing things at the last minute and even if I have free time, I would always do other unimportant stuff instead… Now for example, I still have lots of orders to make and even homework but I’m here wasting my time making this silly post… 🙂

So here are some photos of shirts that I did for other people in the last few days.  it’s the first time that I have made those or some I rarely do… so I felt like taking some pics of them. Most of the shirts I do are the ones that I do over and over and over again that I think I’m getting weary of that, but I’m too lazy to make some new stuff…  in fact, I have more than 5 months without creating new designs… I need to invest more time on this stuff,  if I want to see my business grow.

Oh, well, I just hope that orders keep me busy the next few weeks coz I’m kinda thinking to take a winter vacation at the end of the month.  going on  a road trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and SF sound totally awesome, but I also want to be in NYC (brrr!) for new year’s day  or my cheaper and longer staying option of going to Mexico for a few weeks…  mmm or maybe I should hibernate on my winter break and  save the money to secure or stay  in South Korea for more than a month on this summer that is just getting near… sound like it’ll be hard hard to decide…

Ayumi Hamasaki ( i can't believe i haven't made one for me )

kiss gene simmons

Christina Aguilera


Lil Wayne ( this one took me forever as the size was kinda small, but i have to made a nice job as i had made shirts for him for the last few years...

i like how this one turned out... i hope they like it too!

Snoop Dogg