So I’m taking a small vacation in my hometown in Mexico. It took me forever to get here as I drove to Jacksonville first.  mmm…  let’s says  I just was going to pick something and pass the night there.  But then I spent a whole day  as I decided to get a pair of new tires as the tread wasn’t too good.  After the car was all set. I went to Jacksonville Beach but It was cold so I didn’t spend too much time.

All the way the weather was fine except in Huston where it was raining hard so it was great that I bought the tires…

I then got some issues getting the car permit  and wasted another day. It took forever to cross the border again and  then I had some other issues in getting the paper I was supposed to get  in Laredo tx in order to get the permit in the Mexican side…  so I had some time to browse around Laredo and take some pics until I got faxed some documents I needed…

I also did another stop in a little town… near Queretaro.  mmm.. Lets  says, I went to drop the thing I got in Jacksonville but I ended up spending the whole day there ….

I took a lot of pics and videos with the phone and camera while driving. I think I was in a longest Photodrive I had ever taken.  🙂  i know, it sounds dangerous but I think it’s a nice way to keep me distracted….

a crappy iphone video near Monterrey


by Queretaro?

san luis potosi

Here are afew more pics   while driving in Mexico….  and Jacksonville and Laredo etc….