I just thought  posting some school stuff I did earlier last month for my photo communication class… is not that great but I kinda liked how it turned out….  it is supposed to be a poster, a postcard  and a mini ad for the Chicago International  Film Festival which was last month. I couldn’t go see a lot of movies but anyway there were not many movies that called my attention this year. Anyway, I got to see some nice ones at the fest. My fav was totally Chronicle of my Mother. I was undecided if I should go see it because I couldn’t find reviews and not even trailers of the movie as it has not even been showed in Japan yet, I think… it seems like it is been playing around at some other film festivals as I have found out it was gotten some awards, so it must be really good… it totally reminds me to Ozu’s movies and I think that was the main reason I went to see it, lol as the synopsis had that the film was evocative of classic Ozu….so blah blah…
So talking about the poster and stuff we just had about 2-3  weeks to finish it.   with so many classes demanding a lot of work, I didn’t spend that much time on this project… it was ok to use pictures i have taken before so I just picked the ones that I thought it may fit. I save lot of time in going shooting, lol, and avoiding getting in trouble with the police for taking pics at train stations… 🙂

chicago film festival (1)

chicago international film festival poster

chicago film festival (2)

chicago film festival postcard back

chicago film festival (3)

chicago film festival postcard

chicago film festival (4)

mini ad