I just got a new airbrush early this week and started doing some new t-shirts for my new website store i’m working on. i’ve neglecting making some new stuff but now i got my new toy i feel like working on that.
its been along a long time that i get a new airbrush as the last one i bought was like 3 years ago. All this time i didn’t feel the need to buy another as most of the stuff i’ve making now are stencils so i don’t need something fancy to make that stuff as long as it sprays. anyway, i started to notice some t-shirt i have made without stencils not turning that great, i even was questioning myself if i was losing airbrush skills for being so depended on stencils… jkΒ  so instead of replacing the nozzle and needle what it usually needs to be replaced once in a while, i just get a new one of a same model i’ve been using. and woow! i feel like my airbrushing got improved.
i got so used to the old ones that i didn’t realized the performance were so worn out with the heavy use of all those years. no wondering, i have never changed the nozzle to the last one i got and i’ve just replaced the neddle one time. Those Iwata are totally the best! no wonder they are made Japan, LOL, i just wish they weren’t expensive.Β  next,Β  i think i need to start saving for the custom micron at almost $500 that ain’t cheap…

so some quick t-shirts i just did this week… and not they are not for me but i wouldn’t mind wear them. πŸ™‚


yoona t-shirt snsd kpop

yoona t-shirt

Park Bom T-shirt kpop 2ne1

Park Bom T-shirt - 2ne1