So all the big fuss of today’s Columbia Manifest  ( a sort of event where graduating students show their work, and nope I didn’t bother to show mine ) made me thought about this stuff I did for my Branding class last semester and also I’m considering to screen print a t-shirt of the one of the legs,- of course without the “Manifest and star”.  I think the previous years there was a contest in the whole school to win the position for the creative director of the manifest thingy to create the posters, postcards and all that stuff for the event. This year only my class was selected to get some finalists that went into an open contest to get a winner. And nope I didn’t even get into the final 6 out of 20? Even worse the Committee that chose interesting designs during a critic don’t even  pick mine if  it wasn’t for a classmate that point mine out at the end after  almost done talking with all of the other concepts .  kinda embarrassing… anyway, I made those more thinking of my taste or what I would like to see and even thought I didn’t spend that much time on them as it may looks like, I think they are not that bad at all and i love them so much. I guess those people were looking for graphic design stuff as I was the only one who did illustrations.  I hope they don’t keep doing it in just one class . There are many talented people in the whole school that wants to have a chance and to choose too not just 20 people class that many of them would not even care…

i really liked  last year Maggie’s illustrations I think that was the best so far. I maybe so bias for illustrations but I still don’t like at all what they did this year…

So that’s it! this was my last week of school!  and tomorrow?  tomorrow? I think it’s my graduation ceremony which btw I not attending, even when they still charge the fee whether  you go or not. I think I have better stuff to do, like work on some stuff in the last days to use the printmaking lab.   oh well, I’m not too happy with my Columbia experience maybe if  I had gone for illustration or  photography major would be a different  story….


columbia manifest poster

Columbia college manifest poster 2012

columbia college manifest t-shirts

Columbia college manifest t-shirts

columbia manifest

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Columbia College Manifest QR code and yeah it works! i think

columbia college manifest

columbia college manifest postcard

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columbia college manifest postcard

columbia manifest poster

Columbia College Manifest 2012 Poster