A digital drawing i did for my final of my drawing class. i had 3 weeks to make this one but i only worked on it the last week… because of that i was in such a hurry that i finished and  printed just before getting to class and because so many people wait for the last minute to print their stuff too. the print services of school took more than 3 fricking hours to print mine.  by the the time it was done the class was already done so i ended up hanging a cheap print on a normal letter size sheet of paper… that kinda sucks but at least i got a free print as they took longer because they printed again because of some small smudges that i don’t even noticed… and a  36 by 48 inches for $20 something that was a nice deal as besides the drawing i printed 2 of my pictures in the same sheet… i printed a bunch of my photos the last days but i wish i had taken more advantage of that when i was at school as i think i can’t go and print there anymore now that i graduated…
i just hang it today at my desk as was going wait and get a frame but there are so expensive. i got some cheap frames from Ikea the other day but i didn’t find any to put this one.  i had it pile up with a buck of posters that it kinda got damaged as some had tape on the back so the tape got stuck on the drawing print and lifted some ink paper… now i wish i didn’t had gave away the other copy… still looks great here is pic i think i should have printed a lot bigger….

As i was running out of time i just took for reference a lot of stuff from some of my fav japanese prints artists like Takahashi Shotei, Shiro Kasamatsu, Helen hyde so not quite original but whatever… i have plans to make another modern version like with tokyo, buildings, skytree, rainbow bridge etc etc … ending where this one starts so making look like a 360 view….. of modern and traditional…

geisha baby umbrella lamp miyajima print japanese shotei helen shiro

geisha baby umbrella cherry blosoom walking water miyajima -

my desk - japanese print

my desk with the drawing... i had a mess so i had clean it for the picture, lol... i think it looks nice now i wish it was bigger

japanese print crane tori farmer siren bonsai

japanese print-crane-siren-tori-pine

tori birds Hiroaki

farmer - birds - tori - darkness - hiroaki

japanese print panoramic

japanese print geisha crane siren with umbrella waves fuji farmers edo miyajima rising sun

japanese print

geisha with baby umbrella cherry blossom print

geisha siren with umbrella taking a bath crane bonsai

japanese print mermaid geisha crane bonsai

japanese print fishing walking on water shotei

geisha child with lamp walking on water miyajima farmer fishing print japanese

references shotei helen hyde hiroki