So I’m getting away with making t-shirts of famous faces because besides that i kinda think its not that right,  it doesn’t really help me making my own stuff or explore new things either. So for the past few weeks I started doing more  interesting stuff that will appeal to more people or at least some Japanophiles.  so here is some of the stuff, I don’t know why it came from doing Japanese school girls. it must be my recent Tumblr addiction of Japanese blogs where i got some of my reference pics.  Well, i just thought the shirts will look cute and so Japanese…


Japanese School Girl sitting with umbrella shirt cute kawaii

School Girl sitting with umbrella tee shirt

she and her cat Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko sleeping

Japanese School Girl with cat tee shirt

School Girl bag bike and rising sun shirt

Japanese School Girl shirt bike downhill

Japanese School Girl shirt swinging cute kawaii

Japanese School Girl swinging shirt



Japanese School Girl shirt gun bear seifuku

Japanese School Girl gun and panda Shirt


School Girl umbrella silkcreen frame

asian School Girl umbrella silkcsreen frame