Some photos from early this month of the Mitsuwa summer festival. This is the Japanese festival that i like the most but unfortunately it was canceled most of it because of the heavy thunderstorms. they didn’t allow to stay outside so i didn’t take picture of the rain either. Many people left but they reopened at the end for the best part the bon dance but i still can’t believe that i miss it most of it as i got there with my camera for the last 10-15 min. I had to go in burst mode shooting everything it moves… lol

at least i think i got some decent photos

mitsuwa summer festival chicago cute baby

mitsuwa summer festival chicago – mother with cute baby

chicago boy playing

boy playing water hydrant

mitsuwa summer festival chicago girl yukata

mitsuwa summer japanese festival chicago

mitsuwa summer festival chicago

japanese festival chicago

mitsuwa summer festival chicago

mitsuwa japanese festival chicago – girls yukata

rainy day family

japanese girl eating girl

chicago bon odori dance

little girls at the bon odori dance

mitsuwa bon odori dance

bon dori chicago

little girls masked bon odori

mother carrying child

mother carrying baby


japanese festival holding hands

holding hands